Meet Reeeder
For many of us, Telegram channels are the primary source of news and original content.
In the Reeeder App, you will be able to read posts from your favorite Telegram channels with a new level of convenience
How reeder works
We stand for conscious consumption of information and strive to make it as efficient as possible. reeeder with flexible feed customization saves you time and helps you focus on what's important and interesting.
I need to open each TG-channel separately to read the news. I have to do a lot of actions to read posts
The posts are presented in the form of a familiar feed, as in popular social networks. It is much more convenient and faster to read in this format
Channels and private chats are mixed up, notifications are constantly bombarding me, I lose important work and personal dialogs
Now all the posts from your favorite channels are in reeeder. And notifications and important dialogs are under control
Channels are automatically generated by topics, forming separate feeds.
You can always remove uninteresting channels from the feed, leaving only the necessary ones
There are a lot of channels, I should organize them into folders, but I don't know how to do that
I want to read interesting content, find new channels. I don't know how to do that
on Telegram
reeeder has a separate "Find" tab. There are a powerful search by channels and posts, channels categorized by categories and author's picks of the best channels
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